system architecture I


F.I.P.S.—Fiber Intrusion Protection System

Optical interception is systematically detected.

Precise localisation of optical budget anomalies caused by the insertion of a bending coupler for data espionage.

Demarcation point creation

The precise assignment of responsibilities in your network is the decisive precondition for ensuring the most effective service and cost savings.

This precondition is mirrored in the reflector which is placed at the end of your infrastructure. By way of continuously monitoring this reflector you can determine whether any deviation in the optical budget falls within your sphere of responsibility.
This is the reason why the creation of demarcation points enables you to limit the deployment of service engineers to the repair of real defects.
Thanks to the regular verification of the lines on a passive level the commissioning of previously unused links (dark fibre) will proceed smoothly without any “nasty surprises”.

Access Control/Flooding/Inclination

Always informed about access control and impairments of the case and building structure.

Unique, purely optical sensor technology allowing you to implement access control guidelines, e. g. street cabinets, manholes, buildings, etc. to detect flooding as well as to analyse inclination angles.
Further uses, such as oil pressure, humidity and temperature monitoring applications, are under development.

Fields of use/customer applications


The customer application shown below is used for monitoring about 3000 lines/reflectors. Conventional monitoring designs require about 30s which is equivalent to 1500 minutes or 25h. Our approach completes a full cycle within about 25 minutes. And it does not matter whether it is dark or live fibre.
system architecture I

Infrastructure utility company

The application shown below illustrates the mixed operation of line and manhole monitoring.
system architecture I


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