Optical Monitoring

The innovative standard for controlling and securing your infrastructure

An unique 2-stage measurement process enables you to both detect optical deviations at an extreme speed and to precisely localise them in your optical infrastructure.


The basic monitoring principle allows the user to perform an end-to-end verification of the operation of the passive infrastructure.
system architecture I
The Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS) provides an automatic functional test of the network infrastructure by automatically monitoring reflectors from the Central Office (CO) without disturbing the actual data traffic.
The lilix® technology-based reflectors are used as demarcation points.

System architecture—2-stage measuring principle

The combination of parallel and serial monitoring allows you to evaluate a high number of fibres within seconds and to precisely localise any deviation.
system architecture I

System architecture—system structure

system architecture I

Technical description (download available from TI or data sheets for all the following)

All technical details are available in the data sheets listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any question.

Serial Interface Module
Parallel Interface Module
Connection Assembly Group
FTTx Reflector 1650nm
OTDR Reflector 1650nm
Remote Test Unit


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