What is optical monitoring?

In the field of fibre-optic networks used for data communication and telecommunication applications optical monitoring implies the systematic control of all parameters and operational conditions of all fibres forming the network.

What does a monitoring system made by CFS GmbH offer?

Our monitoring system is a 2-step Remote Fibre Test System (RFTS) managed from the Central Office (CO) as a central access point. The RFTS monitors, controls, measures, localises and reports the technical parameters of your network just in time for taking appropriate measures.

  • Measurement of up to 128 fibres/reflectors in seconds (detection and localisation)
  • Overall capacity: approx. 16,000 fibre per RTU
  • In-service & dark fibre monitoring
  • End-to-end measurement
  • Max. distance 200km

What benefits does a CFS-based RFTS provide for data protection and security?

A 2-step measurement principle provides for the detection of events in a matter of seconds. A CFS-based monitoring system currently is the most innovative and future-proof solution for the implementation of regulations in the field of data protection and security for the operation of fibre-optic networks.
Optical interception is systematically detected. Moreover you are able any time to determine unauthorised intrusions into your network, since these will always result in changes in detectable operating conditions.

What are the requirements for the implementation of an RFTS?

The only requirement is an infrastructure based on single-mode fibres.

Is it possible to retrofit an existing fibre-optic network with an RFTS?

The RFTS can easily be retrofitted, since the required reflectors are available in different form factors minimising the installation expense.

What staff is needed to operate an RFTS?

The monitoring of a CFS Remote Fibre Test Systems is implemented using computers and a proprietary software from a central office. Initially the staff only needs to have basic knowledge in the handling of computers and the ability to familiarize itself with the operation of the monitoring software. This knowledge is passed on in a training session offered by CFS GmbH.

Does a CFS monitoring system require any maintenance or updating?

Any maintenance or updating of the software in the proper sense is not required. We offer additional support within the framework of Service Level Agreements (SLA) in order to provide help in case of changes in the network and with the related execution of new benchmark measurements a.s.o.


Cost savings in the procurement phase are possible, because due to the almost 100% reflection of the reflectors used the new commissioning of links does not require any longer measurements to be performed from both ends. In addition, the final measurement of the whole line will be ensured by your own specialists and does not need to be outsourced.
Positive side-effect: The quality is verified and guaranteed by your own specialists!
By creating reflector-based demarcation points the responsibilities are clearly defined. This will allow you to significantly lower your service expenditure, since a trouble-ticket will only be issued, if your own infrastructure really is affected.







Remote Fiber Test System

Holistic system

Consisting holistically or partly out of the following Hard- and Software units


Remote Test Unit

OTDR measurement module

19“ unit; 2HU


Parallel Interface Modul

simultaneous measuring of up to 128 reflectors

19“ unit; (max 4HU)


Serial Interface Modul

serial measuring of up to 128 reflectors

19“ unit; (max 4HU)


Shut Down Interface Modul

Switch off or switch over off definciency afflicted fibres

19“ unit


Connection Assembly Group

Merge of all service and measurement wavelenghts

19“ unit


Line Control Manager

RTU Software for commissioning & the target performance detection plus visualization

Status indication via simulated LEDs



Visualization of the LCM measurement results on geo-referenced data

Visualization on LCM basis


Network Management Software

General supervision tool

Visualization on LCM basis


Fiber Intrusion Protection System

Detection of bending coupler implementation

Alarming if the optical budget is changing slightly(part of the LCM software)


Compact Remote Fiber Test System

consiting out of RTU, 8 port PIM, Laptop & software

19“ unit; 1HU; no expandability


Reflektor Pigtail


Reflektor Patch Cord


Collective Alarm Module

Displaying alarms via dry-contacts

Alarming if the optical budget is changing slightly(part of the LCM software


Single Line Alarm Module

Displaying alarms on each single line via dry-contacts

Alarming if the optical budget is changing slightly(part of the LCM software